How to Brew - Brewing Recommendations

transformed coffee, espresso, latte


Wondering how to brew the best coffee possible?   

I find a lot of people, myself included at one time, are used to coffee that tastes super bitter if you use too much and are then unfamiliar with how to brew good coffee.  Is that you too?  Well, here are some recommendations below to enhance your coffee experienced based on your brew method.  There are lots of great resources online, whether you are just starting out and wanting to learn more or you are a coffee aficionado! 


French Press: course grind, 35g of coffee per 500ml of water, 3-5 minute steep

Espresso: 7-10g of coffee per 30-60ml of water, 20-30 second espresso shot

Drip/Chemex: medium to medium course grind, 30g of coffee per 500ml of water, drip for 2-3 minutes

Auto Drip: medium grind, 35g of coffee per 600ml of water, 5-8 minute process

Cold Brew: medium grind, 60g of coffee per 700ml of water, 12-24 hour drip


Enjoy that coffee friends!