About Us

Keely Van Vlack Coffee Roster

Hello, my name is Keely and I'm the founder and owner of Transformed Coffee Co.  I love, and I mean love, coffee!  Not the kind of coffee that you need to cloak with sugar and cream, but the kind of coffee that is exceptional on its own.   Ask anyone who knows me well, I would bet one of the first things they would say about me would be that coffee is one of my passions.  I've been transforming tea drinkers and people who didn't like coffee into coffee connoisseurs all around me!  Smart business move?  Haha no, just a desire for others to know what coffee should taste like.  Good, specialty coffee, is kind of like command start in your vehicle, once you experience life with it, it seems impossible to go back to anything less!

For me, Transformed Coffee Co. is a leap of faith, the pursuit of a dream, and a passion for exceptionally good coffee.  More than just a coffee roasting company, my desire has always been to leave a positive impact on the world around me.  I want my life to be a light in this world. So before the dream took a single step forward, I resolved that a portion would be set aside to be a catalyst for positive change in my community, country and world.  After that, the rest is simple, its a desire and pursuit to roast the best possible flavor profiles out of each coffee and create blends that everyone will enjoy.