Organic Honduras Yellow Honey - Medium Roast

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Honduras Finca Liquidambar Yellow Honey

Tasting Notes:  Cola, Lime Juice, Cocoa & Caramel

Variety:  Bourbon, Catuai & Pacas

Processing:  Pulped Natural (Honey) and Dried in Solar Dryers

Elevation:  1510 MASL

Certifications:  Certified Organic

This single origin gem is from Honduras.  It is our best selling coffee by far!  It’s honey processed meaning they dry the coffee with some of the cherry still on resulting in a sweeter flavor profile.  It's roasted medium to showcase the sweet and satisfying flavor, with a slight acidity in a beautiful balance.   It's a great choice and loved by almost everyone who tries it as both filter, french press or espresso!  Its a unique and adventurous cup of coffee with notes that aren't as familiar to most coffee drinkers, but it is one of the roaster’s go-to espresso shots.  It is guaranteed to put some pep in your step.  

Stay caffeinated coffee lovers!

Farm Info:  This coffee is produced by Roberto Rene Gonzalez who has a 37-acre family farm within the municipality of San Jose, in the department of La Paz, Honduras.  Roberto was the first in his community to earn a university degree and after graduating, he returned to help his family run the coffee farm.  They are working on getting 19 of the acres recognized as a biological reserve.  Roberto and his family partner with organizations to improve roads and youth activities in the area.