El Salvador Honey - Medium Roast

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El Salvador CERRO LAS RANAS Honey

Processing: Pulped Natural (Honey)

Elevation: 1300 MASL

This single origin gem is from El Salvador.  Honey processed coffees are our best sellers because they are unique and delightful.  It’s honey processed meaning they dry the coffee with some of the cherry still on resulting in a sweeter flavor profile.  It's roasted medium to showcase the sweet and satisfying flavor, with a good acidity and mid-body in a beautiful balance.  When you open the bag and smell the rich satisfying flavor you won't be able to wait to brew your first cup!  It has notes of plum, melon and white wine, it’s tangy and delightful for those with an adventurous palette.  It's a great choice and loved by almost everyone who tries it as both filter, french press or espresso!  It is guaranteed to put some pep in your step.  

Stay caffeinated coffee lovers!