Guatemala Blend - Dark Roast

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Guatemala Blend

Variety:  Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra & Typica

Processing:  Washed and Sun Dried

Elevation: 1372 MASL

This beauty is a single origin bean from Guatemala.  Guatemala is one of our favorite coffee growing regions!  It's roasted on the darker side and is a great choice for those who like the balance between natural flavors from the bean's origin and the accents of darker roasted coffee.  It’s a bold coffee with notes of thick caramel, grapefruit and milk chocolate.  It’s sure to get you moving in the morning and a crowd pleaser for those who like dark coffee!  

Stay caffeinated friends!

Farm Info:  This coffee is from a number of small holder producers in Guatemala.  They hand sort the coffee to ensure that it meets the requirements for specialty coffee.